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Receive high level coaching from one of our top leadership consultants

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Take your business to the next level with the right branding assets

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Personalized hotel management tailored to the needs of your property


When you get better, those around you get better. When you and those around you get better, your organization begins to have a huge impact on the world!


Throughout countless historical battles, foxholes acted as a defense tactic and a way for soldiers to have each other's backs. Soldiers dug holes in the ground and would sit back to back, ensuring all directions were visible to any attack. These holes were known as "foxholes." Just as the soldiers made sure no enemy could approach unnoticed, Foxhole Consulting Group will have your back and help remedy any vulnerable areas you may have.

We exist to help people. So, our number one priority is to have your back. With Foxhole Consulting Group by your side, you can succeed in all areas of your life. Our commitment is to coach businesses and individuals and help them achieve excellence. However, growing requires hard work, determination, and a will to do whatever it takes. So often we want the results without the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to get there. Growing blind in certain areas is normal, but it does not have to stay that way. Our commitment is to teach you how to dial things in a bit, so you and your business can soar to a new level. Through our coaching and your participation, we know the results will be the development of the top performers in the world!

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To encourage, protect and support by helping individuals and organizations become the best versions of themselves.


To be the most effective and respected certified coaching-consulting organization in the industry by 2025.


To empower courage, invoke risk and inspire others to achieve greatness through extraordinary relationships and




I was part of a team that Tom led at a local business. 
That is where I learned how important a business advisor and coach is to a growing company.

Lainey B.

Tom Green is a true mentor and friend, He has a way of creating a culture wherever he goes, Tom is the man that will get in the trenches with you and fight to help everything you are doing be successful. 

Samuel N.

I felt seen, I felt heard, I felt inspired by Tom - and still do. Having Tom as my life coach is still, to this day, helping me achieve the goals I set years ago.

Alex S.

Tom provided me with ongoing, strengths-based feedback and coaching, empowering me to map out my personal development strategy and to improve my day-to-day impact.

Sophie M.

While in the past I wouldn’t have recognized the need for an executive coach, I attribute a lot of my success in navigating difficult periods in my career to Tom.

Breanna C.

I have consistently walked away with action plans from each sessions with Tom. I can immediately implement them in my personal life and at my workplace. I encourage you to allow Tom to be a blessing to you as he has been to me. 

Louie R.


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