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Our hospitality consulting service helps hotels and other hospitality businesses increase their profits by providing expert advice and assistance. Our consultants will work with you to develop strategies to increase per room profit and add ons, ensuring your hospitality business remains profitable. Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of the hotel industry and can provide expert advice to help you maximize your profits.

At Foxhole Hospitality, we believe that people are the heart of any successful business. Our goal is to provide our clients with the guidance and personal touch necessary to create and maintain an effective team.We specialize in hospitality consulting, providing our clients with the tools and resources needed to develop a strong team that is capable of meeting their business goals. Our team of experts is committed to helping businesses reach their full potential. We are here to help you take your business to the next level.

Hotel Door Lock



Last 5 property acquisitions saw Guest Experience Scores improve by 5.87% in first year


RevPAR index improved by an average of 5.14% compared to prior year


GOP % improved by an average of 11.2%


Fluent in all of the major brands: Hilton, Marriott, IHG, and Hyatt


Our hotel management methodology has proven successful at increasing Overall Satisfaction scores for our Guests and optimizing both top-line revenues and bottom-line results for our Owners and Investors

Hilton Lighthouse Award

Top 1% of Properties Nationwide


2 Time Hilton Excellence Award

Top 5% of Brand in Region


IHG True Hospitality Award

Top 10% of the Brand


Recognized by Top Workplaces

Our Leadership Team has been named as the Most Clued-in Senior Leadership


Hotel Operations


KPI Analysis and benchmarking


Finances and internal cost controls


Profit and Loss analysis


Detailed annual budget


Capital Expenditure management

Facility Management


Talent Acquisition and Development


Revenue Generation


     -Digital and Social Marketing


     -Revenue Management

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